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LED & STROBE LIGHT KITS- Columbus Barricade & Safety


Columbus Barricade and Safety carries many different strobe lights, kits, and accessories. Ask us about installation of these products.

RSK244P PhotoOptimax™-VSD RSK244P 75 Watt Remote Strobe Kit

The OPTIMAX¬VSD™RSK244P remote strobe kit is a complete, powerful, and economical choice for a 4-corner remote strobe system. Six different customer selectable flash patterns (Single, Double, Triple, Quad, Five, or Random) are available, along with head selection and Day/Night mode. Features power reduction to operating heads in case of head failure. Ships complete with power & control leads and instructions. Display packaging is available: RSK244P¬1.

Product Features:
• Complete & economical choice choice for a 4-corner remote strobe system
• Select flash patterns of Single, Double, Triple, Quad, Five or Random
• Customer selectable Day/Night mode
• Features power reduction to operating heads in case of head failure
• Ships complete with power & control leads and instructions • Display packaging is available: RSK244P-1

Kit Includes:
• (1) - 75 Watt remote power supply (RP242)
• (4) - Clear strobe tube assemblies (ST415PC)
• (2) - 15' Cables with attached connectors (4415)
• (2) - 20' Cables with attached connectors
• (1) - Lighted toggle switch (LT1511)

Hide-A-STAR™ Remote Flashing LED Kits

remote flashing LEDHide-A-STAR™ remote flashing LED kits are designed with NEW LED technology. The optics boost and concentrate light for maximum LED output. The spherical LED heads are designed with diffusing optics for extremely wide angle light. Nickel plated aluminum housings allow for our dvanced thermal heat management and easily replace standard hide-away remote strobe tubes with 1” mounting holes. S-LINK SYSTEM™ is standard offering synchronizing capability with other STAR LED units. 20 customer selectable flash patterns along with customer changeable colored lenses gives these LED lights versatility in the field. Each kit ships complete with mounting harware, one each colored lens, and instructions.

Remote Flashing LED Kits
stryker remote controlled searchlights

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