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DRUMS WITH TIRE BASES - Columbus Barricade & Safety

LifeGard and LifeGard II Traffic Drums

  • LifeGard and LifeGard II traffic drums meet relevant MUTCD requirements. They are approved for use under FHWA Allowance Letter WZ-54.
  • Manufactured from low or high density polyethylene plastic, with UV inhibitors,LG and LG II traffic drums provide years of reliable use in harsh environments.
  • Molded handle accepts Type A and C Warning Lights for increased visibility.
  • Our patented tire collar ballast fits both the LG and LG II. Made from recycled truck tire sidewalls, our tire collar weighs 25 lbs., and replaces sandbags.Installs quickly and nests easily.
  • LG and LG II drums accommodate up to 5 bands of LifeGard Drumsretroreflective sheeting.
  • Retroreflective sheeting meets all state and federal specifications, and is available in:
  • 4" and 6" wide bands,
  • Engineer, Hi-Intensity and Diamond grades.
  • US Patent No. 5,234,280. Canadian patent 2,083,918.

3M Diamond Grade™ Flexible Fluorescent Drum Sheeting Series 3910

fluorescent drumSeries 3910 flexible fluorescent drum sheeting is a highly reflective, flexible, prismatic lens sheeting pre-coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. This sheeting is used on reboundable, plastic substrate work zone traffic control devices such as drums, posts and tubes.

*Note: 6” Diamond Grade Drum Wrap is required on drums in a taper for night time operations.

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