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PORTABLE BARRICADES - Columbus Barricade & Safety

Plastic BarricadeTraffic Barricades - Portable - Temporary

Plastic Safety Systems features many different types of portable traffic control barricades including crowd safety barricades as well as temporary traffic barricades to be used during road construction projects.

Barricades are critical tools for diverting traffic away from active construction areas. Available in a variety of materials, colors and sizes, Plasticade barricades are designed with the safety of drivers and construction personnel foremost in mind. They not only increase visibility of construction areas for drivers, they also provide a guide for orderly and predictable movement of traffic; a safety benefit for drivers and workers alike.

All barricades are individually tested and assured to meet or exceed standards set by the Federal Highway Administration.

Type III BarricadesPortable traffic barricades at Plastic Safety Systems are designed to keep roadways and road construction areas safe. Plastic Safety Systems are compliant traffic barricades that provide traffic control safety during road construction projects while keeping road construction workers and pedestrians safety within hazardous traffic work zones.

Plastic Safety Traffic Barricades Features:

  • Type I BarricadesMUTCD Compliant: our portable traffic control barricades have breakaway devices, are used to close, restrict or delineate the right-of-way during road construction projects.
  • NCHRP-350 Certified: FHWA letters confirm our safety barricades pass NCHRP-350 Test Level 3 crash tests.
  • Innovative: each traffic barricade contains unique features that simplify assembly, installation and teardown.
Safety Barricades

Type II Barricade

  All types of barricades sold:

  • Portable
  • Type I
  • Type II & III
  • With and without lights
  • Sand or water barricades
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