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SIGN POSTS - Columbus Barricade & Safety

Columbus Barricades, Inc. offers several different sign posts to choose from based on the type of job you are pursuing.  Safety Signal carries a variety of post for your need.  When choosing a sign post, consider if the job is a permanent D.O.T. job, a small permanent job or a temporary.  Both, Permanent D.O.T. signs and Temporary Construction signs require the use of a "break-away system" to provide safety to a vehicle if a collision occurs.  Therefore, the sign post "breaks-away" from the scab driven in the ground and allows for less damages to a vehicle. 

U-Channel PostsGreen U-Channel Sign Post
Used for Permanent Signs
(Non-Government Funded Road Projects)

  • Various Sizes in 2 lbs- 10ft, 12ft, 14 ft (can order other sizes)
  • 1 Size in Stock in 3 lbs- 13 ft (can order other sizes)
  • 30" Green Scab (temporary signage)

Galvanized (Weather-Treated) U-Channel Sign Post
Used for All Permanent Signs

  • Type 2 (2 lbs):  10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft (can order other sizes)
  • Type 3 (3 lbs):  13 ft in Stock (can order other sizes)
  • Type 4 (4 lbs):  Can be Ordered 

Galvanized (Weather-Treated) Square-Tubing Sign Post
Referred to as Type 7, 8, 9 

  • Type 7:  2" Post Diameter with 2 1/4" Scab Diameter
    • Sizes 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft
  • Type 8:  2 1/2" Post Diameter with 2 3/4" Scab Diameter
    • Sizes 10 ft, 12ft, 14 ft
  • Type 9:  2 1/4" Post Diameter with 2 1/2" Scab Diameter
    All D.O.T. Signs are required to have Type 7 Post for their "break-away system"

*When deciding on a post length, remember to consider 3 ft of the post will be driven into the ground unless you are using a break-away stub post OR sleeve.

*Green U-Channel Sign Post - Used for Permanent Signs

Square Tubing Sign Posts
Square Tubing Posts
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