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STROBE LIGHTS - Columbus Barricade & Safety

Columbus Barricade and Safety carries many different strobe lights, kits, and accessories. *These are just some of the items kept in our inventory. We can special order any type of light bar or strobe light at your request. Please visit the website at www.starheadlight.com and give us a call at (706) 569-1867.

201Z PhotoModel 201Z Strobe Lights (Low Profile with Plastic Base)

201Z & 201ZM This line of strobe light also comes in a 201ZM model which has a magnetic mount and eye-shield, a 201ZQ (Quadflash), and a 201ZMQ (Quadflash with a magnetic mount) The 201Z Series is a small, dynamic, low profile strobe with a quick-snap lens and base assembly for easy field repairs. The polycarbonate lens is sealed to the base with a water resistant enhanced O-ring. Ships complete with mounting hardware and instructions.

240S Photo200ZLM Photo 2Model 240 Series Strobe Lights

240C & 240S - These models are available in low-profile (240S Series), medium profile (240C Series), or medium profile with dust cover (240A Series).

The 240 Series is our most popular and most versatile strobe light. The circuit is completely encapsulated for increased shock and weather resistance. The rugged die-cast aluminum base is protected with a powder coat finish. Field selectable flash patterns via an internal jumper for quad flash, double flash, or single flash, RFI protection , and patented LED diagnostic indicator are standard. Ships complete with mounting hardware and instructions.

Product Features:
• Versatile and powerful.
• 5 1/2 inch model for greater visibility. (240C Models)
• 4 1/4 inch model. (240S Models)
• Computer designed optics.
• Rugged die-cast aluminum base with powder coat finish and universal mounting.
• Standard base accommodates surface or 1/2" pipe mount. Optional magnetic mount available.
• Ideal for school buses, utility vehicles, dash mount applications and more.
• Magnetic mount version 240CM & 240SM includes metal disk with Velcro and cigarette -plug adapter with cord.
• Available with or without flange.
• NEW!!! 242CFL & 240SFL: LED diagnostic indicator, photocell for automatic "night" mode, field selectable flash pattern (quad and random flash).
• Magnetic mount version 240SM includes metal disk with Velcro for easy dash mount, and cigarette-plug adapter with cord.


Model 240 Series Strobe
stryker remote controlled searchlights

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